There's no place like Home

Theres no place like home

Centrally located in Lincoln, home is a venue to eat, drink, relax, party and entertain all under one roof. Call our party team now on 0800 043 4663 and celebrate your Birthday, Hen Night etc with us.

Whatever the occasion, our six rooms, eight bars and fantastic terrace delievers the best in entertainment, service, food and much more. 

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  • Hi, I was in your club tonight, there was a large group of us who paid to get in and spent a great deal of money in there on drinks. My brother, who I may add was an asshole tonight was extremely drunk, got kicked out. With him being dragged out through a side door. He had a broken arm and was man handled to the point where he was in even more pain when he left than when he came in, I know he shouldn't have drunk so much, I'm not condoning his behaviour. I tried to ask the bouncer if he had been kicked out. The Bouncer was extremely rude and tried to ignore me, when I finally got his attention he tried to move me away like I was a piece of dirt. Me, my friends and family all use your club, but we never expect such shitty service from your Staff, just because he controls who comes into a building and who gets kicked out it doesn't make him any better than any individual that walks through your doors. I know nothing will get solved with this comment but I thought I'd leave some feedback so you know what kind of assholes you're employing!